• Bellow Theatre

    Bare Skin on Briny Waters


    Annie finds herself on a clifftop. She says she’s fine but she can’t quite get her story straight.
    Sat by her side Sophie covers the bruises on her neck. She thinks everything might just be alright, because it’s amazing what you get used to, isn’t it?

  • Light Night at stage@leeds

    6/10/2017 | 6.00pm10.00pm

    Steve Ansell & Ian Lindley
    Green Light
    stage@leeds foyer

    Green light is a ‘people powered’ sustainable light installation. The installation has been created to highlight the upcoming launch of the University of Leeds sustainable theatre living lab project at stage@leeds. Come and help us light the night. Free fairtrade tea and coffee will be served and free juice is available for all participants.

    Alex De Little and Stuart Mellor
    Resonant Topologies
    Stage One

    Resonant topologies is a site-specific audio-visual installation that explores the acoustic properties of architecture using an interactive app that helps guide the listener through a seemingly hidden world, opening their eyes and ears to the way in which sound transgresses the boundaries of the physical world.

  • Little Soldier Productions


    9/10/2017 | 7.00pm9.30pm

    A show that is also a party, a party that is also a show.

  • LUU Open Theatre



    Following a one-night stand, B drags her best friend E to the clinic. As they nervously await their test results, they reminisce about their previous relationships, sexual encounters, and breakups, in an attempt to understand what led them to this moment in time.

Light Night at stage@leeds
6/10/2017 | 6.00pm10.00pm
Book TicketsDerailed
9/10/2017 | 7.00pm9.30pm
Book TicketsSick

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